Qingming Fruit outmoded

Qingming fruit has two kinds of salty and sweet. Sweet stuffing is usually red bean paste

Natural and healthy food in the world

Health care food

According to functions, healthy food can be divided into: nutritional supplement type, antioxidant type (health care type, longevity type), weight loss type, auxiliary treatment type, etc. Among them, the health function of nutrient supplements is to supplement one or more essential nutrients for the human body.

Zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac begins with the Rat Sign, followed by the Ox, the Tiger, etc. Below are the animals, in order of appearance, which we have grouped together each of which has an associated feature. With regards to Chinese Zodiac, 12 signs are deduced from the ancient speculations on archetypal animals, their relationships to each other, and years of birth.

Zodiac Sign Pendant

Fruit tea recipe seductive

Food Material List 1 Pineapple, apple, pear, orange, passion fruit, lemon One for each2

Sauce, Thailand, Dietary recuperation

Chenpi Baked Oyster

Food Material List 1 Oyster Medium About 202 Minced meat 50g3 Ham crushed, orange peel crushed

Lunch, Poultry, Burst, Western-style food

Fresh shrimp wonton funny

Shrimp is rich in phosphorus and calcium, tender and soft meat, because it tastes delicious,

Baking, Salty, Cake, Sweet and sour

Scrambled Egg with Leek Flowers

A homemade dish Food Material List 1 Leek flower Appropriate amount2 Egg Three3 salt

Lunch, Refreshing, Sponge cake

Private Hot Meat Sauce Balanced Food Battle

I dont know when it started to be popular to eat Sichuan hot pot in summer. The hotter the day,

Slide, Dot, Noodle & Pastries

marinated cold cucumber

Cucumber patting is my favorite side dish. Its easy to cook and comfortable to eat. I dont know

Private dishes 1, Staple food, Sushi, Vegetarianism, Dry stir fried

Braised Fish Section

My son likes to eat big fish head. But the fish head sold on the market alone costs more than 9

Fragrant, Spicy, Steam, Steamed buns

Lingering-Tricolor Chieftain

Food Material List 1 Strong flour 300g2 salt 5g3 Granulated sugar 20g4 Kernel 50g5 Tea powder

Relieving dysmenorrhea, Raise your complexion and black hair, Romantic dating

Octopus potatoes and kidney beans

My mother often makes potato stew noodles with kidney beans. I like it very much. Now I want to

Lunch, Poultry, Burst, Friends Dinner

Egg Sweet Wine

Food Material List 1 Sweet wine 100g2 water Two bowls3 Egg 1-2 Operational steps 1 Boil

Reciprocal crowd, Ice Cream Love, Wedding

Soybean with garlic sauce

Relatives of the old family brought their own soybeans, that soybean is called high quality. Too

Summer ice drinks, Pasta, Baby's recipe

Carrot Banana Milkshake

Weight-loss milkshake ~It tastes good if you dont eat or drink a cup in the evening. Food

Snack, Children, It's all right for young and old

Mapo Tofu recipe beauties

Food Material List 1 Bean curd 500g Operational steps 1 Cut tofu into small cubes, chop

Beginning of autumn, Fighting fog and haze, Afternoon

Tea sponge cake body

Food Material List 1 Whole egg 1200g (24)2 Sugar 500g3 Honey 100g4 Strong flour 310G5

Honey Juice, Sick rice, Anti-inflammatory

Cheese Cake recipe gallant

Husband is going to have his birthday. I want to make a cake for him personally to express my

Snacks 2, Infants (6-8 months), Afternoon tea delicacies

Fried cod recipe pleasantly

Food Material List 1 Cod A block Operational steps 1 Wash cod, peel and slice, stir

Lunch, Sour and hot, Refreshing, Staple food, Western-style food, Stew

Egg Tart recipe shimmering

Food Material List 1 Four ready-made egg tarts Operational steps 1 Place egg tart skin

Summer ice drinks, Curry, Kidney-tonifying and Yang-strengthening

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