Mengwa Bath Cake

My oven is big. Once I baked two 6-inch Qifeng cakes. This time I only used one. The process

Natural and healthy food in the world

Health care food

According to functions, healthy food can be divided into: nutritional supplement type, antioxidant type (health care type, longevity type), weight loss type, auxiliary treatment type, etc. Among them, the health function of nutrient supplements is to supplement one or more essential nutrients for the human body.

Zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac begins with the Rat Sign, followed by the Ox, the Tiger, etc. Below are the animals, in order of appearance, which we have grouped together each of which has an associated feature. With regards to Chinese Zodiac, 12 signs are deduced from the ancient speculations on archetypal animals, their relationships to each other, and years of birth.

Zodiac Sign Pendant

Soybean and Pigs Foot Soup olive oil

Pig hooves are rich in collagen and soybeans are high in protein. They are very suitable for

Burst, TV Special Purpose, Salty, Sour and sweet

Independent Innovation: Mei Cai Dou Tofu

Its hot and dry. I have no food to eat. I suddenly think of the dried plum dishes I brought with

Selenium supplement diet, Cookbook for rice cooker, After meal

Fried Longli Fish

Food Material List 1 Sole fish 700g Operational steps 1 Wash the Dragon fish. 2 Cut it

Lunch, Sour and hot, Refreshing, Western-style food, Steam, Sushi, Dry stir fried

Fried Flower Rolls

Food Material List 1 Leftover steamed bread or rolls One2 Ham sausage One root3 cucumber Half

Drinking snacks, Morning tea, Shun Qi

Seafood vegetable pancakes

Food Material List 1 Squash 1 piece2 Carrot Lesser Half Root3 Chinese yam in iron cabinet

Refreshing, Baking, Light, Stew, Northeast Cuisine 1

Weekend feast - Roast Whole Chicken

In Mei Dis life for a long time, I will occasionally buy a roast chicken to change the taste of

Sour and hot, Refreshing, Staple food, Meat 1

Chuanbei Bingtang Sydney Soup

Food Material List 1 Snow pear 12 Chuanbei powder 1 small bag3 Chinese wolfberry 20 grains4

Children's Day, Rich, Yangsheng soup

Assorted herbs mint leaf

Food Material List 1 lean meat 2 Chinese yam 3 Avocado 4 Carrot Operational steps 1

Poultry, Vegetable dish, Private dishes 1

Xitang bamboo shoots and shredded green beans

Food Material List 1 Dried bamboo shoots 30g2 Soybean 500g3 Dry pepper 10g4 salt Appropriate

Autumn, Appetizer, Sugar melting

Steamed lemon cake

For those who are losing weight, its not a problem to eat more pieces of this cake, because its

Great cold, Runchang Tongbian winter, Winter

Stir-fried Chinese cabbage agressif

Food Material List 1 Chinese Cabbage One tree Operational steps 1 Wash and slice Chinese

Lunch, Fragrant, Staple food, Protecting Liver and Supplementing Blood, Sushi, Cheese Cake, Detoxification and Nourishing Face

Brown sugar coffee pastry

A little obsessed with brown sugar, it can make many healthy and delicious snacks! Food Material

Oven recipes, Snack, Meat 1

Chive-flavored beef pie

I am a mother, because my daughter has lunch at school, so I think about how to make breakfast

Baking, Light, Stew, Northeast Cuisine 1

Self-made grapefruit jam

Grapefruit has been used for jelly at home. Now its cold. I really dont want to eat cold food. So

Refreshing, Snack, Easy to work

Snowman Biscuits Summer Time

Food Material List 1 butter 55g2 Powdered sugar 45g3 Whole egg juice 30g4 Plain flour 125g

Oven recipes, Snacks, Meat 1, Qiyu temperament

Orleans Broiled Wings dear

Food Material List 1 Wing Middle Joint Operational steps 1 After washing, soak in water

Light taste, Source material, Eggplant

UU Breakfast Waffles

As a mother, she always wants to make delicious things for UU. Usually, the time she spends with

Baking, Snack, Children, Stew, Northeast Cuisine 1

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