Natural and healthy food in the world

Health care food

According to functions, healthy food can be divided into: nutritional supplement type, antioxidant type (health care type, longevity type), weight loss type, auxiliary treatment type, etc. Among them, the health function of nutrient supplements is to supplement one or more essential nutrients for the human body.

Zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac begins with the Rat Sign, followed by the Ox, the Tiger, etc. Below are the animals, in order of appearance, which we have grouped together each of which has an associated feature. With regards to Chinese Zodiac, 12 signs are deduced from the ancient speculations on archetypal animals, their relationships to each other, and years of birth.

Zodiac Sign Pendant

Spanish Valley Biscuits stranger

Fresh rose sauce is sandwiched in mellow cheese, added to the crispness of Valley crisp biscuits,

Pasta, Entertainment food in leisure time, Light snow

Chocolate Mousse

Muse uses gelatin powder. Anyway, I think the more natural things we make at home, the better.

Delaying senility, Simple, Local flavor

Beauty and skin pigskin jelly

Pigskin is a kind of meat raw material with high protein content. The frozen skin processed from

Poultry, Burst, Private dishes 1, Salty

Baby snacks - Crispy walnut kernels

The taste of walnuts is not too good in nuts. Not only do children dislike them, but I also dont

Snack, Children and adolescents diet, Children

Cheese purple potato

For my husbands birthday gift, his lucky number is 7, in the middle is my heart and soul to my

Snack, Cook, Fresh, Kindergarten recipes, Sweet, Creative dishes, Children

Gold and jade fill the hall - abundant wealth or many children in the family penne

Its fragrant and delicious. Children like it. Food Material List 1 Corn 500g2 starch 10g

Heat, Oats, Anti-inflammatory

Loaf of meat torn

Junzhis formula failed in the first oven because the oven temperature was not enough and the time

Muslim, Delicate delicacies, Female Health Care

Cappuccino recipe wife

Food Material List 1 Coffee bean 2 Whole milk 3 Coffee machine ^ O^ Operational steps 1

Refreshing, It's all right for young and old

Soy sauce, egg and rice

The first time I tried egg-packed rice, it tasted good and tasted good. I made two egg skins, but

Milk returning, Cookbook of rice cooker, Meat control

Stir-fried red shrimp

Red shrimp is not cultured, the water will die, need to select a complete, not fresh shrimp head

Lunch, Refreshing, Steam

Jujube cake recipe wondrous

Relatives sent a large box of jujubes and cooked porridge every day, so they even made a jujube

Fagopyrum collocation, Summer Food, Dong'e donkey hide gelatin

Easy Family Meal Cooked Shrimp

Simple Western food can be served with basic condiments. This simple delicacy is occasionally

Lunch, Burst, Refreshing, Western-style food, Steam

Cantonese-style sweet pancakes - soft, waxy, full of fragrance

Cantonese pancakes, a snack eaten on the street in Guangzhou, have forgotten its original name,

Poultry, Burst, Baking, Light, Stew, Northeast Cuisine 1

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