Arhat Stir-fry

A persons meal is difficult to cook, either a single dish, or a variety of rich but not finished,

Natural and healthy food in the world

Health care food

According to functions, healthy food can be divided into: nutritional supplement type, antioxidant type (health care type, longevity type), weight loss type, auxiliary treatment type, etc. Among them, the health function of nutrient supplements is to supplement one or more essential nutrients for the human body.

Zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac begins with the Rat Sign, followed by the Ox, the Tiger, etc. Below are the animals, in order of appearance, which we have grouped together each of which has an associated feature. With regards to Chinese Zodiac, 12 signs are deduced from the ancient speculations on archetypal animals, their relationships to each other, and years of birth.

Zodiac Sign Pendant

Dual-potato pumpkin taro balls

Taro dumpling is a special snack dessert in Taiwan. It is very popular for its very Q taste. The

Sour and hot, Refreshing, Old age diet, Cook, Seafood, Salty, Sushi

Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork aesthetical

Food Material List 1 Tenderloin 200g2 Carrot Appropriate amount3 Black fungus A handful4 Bell

Birthday party, Tart, Ginger Juice Flavor

Corn pancake aromatic

Food Material List 1 Corn grain Operational steps 1 If you buy corn, cook it first and

Muffin, Beginning of autumn, Lazy Menu

Felicitous wish of making money

Food Material List 1 Water and Oil Skin: 80 grams of flour, 33 grams of lard and 31 grams of

Refreshing, Oven recipes, Meat 1, Old age diet, Creative dishes

Dormitory Party macaroni with eggplant juice (one portion)

The dormitory party wants to eat Western food, but they dont want to order takeout. They make

Burst, Baking, Moon Cake

Grilled wings romantic

Food Material List 1 Chicken middle wing 102 Orleans Powder About 60g Operational steps

Poultry, Burst, Sichuan cuisine, Meat 1, Some Breakfast Dishes

Pancakes recipe prosaic

On the first day of his junior high school career, my son made an American muffin and a cranberry

Creative dishes, Stew, Beijing cuisine

Bone soup recipe magnolia

Finally, I realized the concept of pork price increase. This soup is made of stick bone. I

Shanghai cuisine 1, Snacks 1, Rich

Fried chicken fine

Food Material List 1 chicken 2 green pepper 3 Red pepper Operational steps 1 Fried

Refreshing, Staple food

Sauteed Shelled Shrimp heavy

Healthy nutrition, Zheng girls favorite, to share! Food Material List 1 Fresh shrimps 400g2

Western-style food

Egg Tart recipe tasty

Every winter, I yearn for a cup of fresh scented tea in the sofa. Of course, its best to have a

Refreshing, Oven recipes, Snack, Meat 1

Spicy Cabbage of Xian Nationality beautifully

Spicy cabbage is one of the most representative works of the Xian nationality. This dish was

Fragrant, Spicy, Cook, Fresh, Cake roll, Drink, Salty and fresh, Peaceful quality

Braised Black Sicklefish in Sauce

Food Material List 1 Piranha nigra Operational steps 1 The fish should be marinated in

Lunch, Sour and hot, Refreshing, Western-style food, Mousse Cake

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